I am a maker. Always have been.

Early on, I made airplanes, models, mini golf courses, a rabbit hutch, tree houses, zip lines, trebuchet’s, a radio station, even a hovercraft.

I was also a bit destructive, taking apart every appliance in our house several times: washing machines, blenders, radios, tvs, mopeds, car engines.  I always want to know how something ticks.  

And that extends to people.  When I designed the first version of Dreamweaver and it got successful, I discovered the joys of creating something that lots of people love using.  It was addictive.

I am still endlessly curious about the world, and wired to make. The TED conference and the Maker Faire are my meccas (I've gone 10 years running).

I hope to work with you sometime in the future.  Give me a buzz if you ever want to hang out and talk about an idea: